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The Bartleby Staff

Get to know our editorial staff!

September 8, 2020 1:11 AM
Welcome to Bartleby!

Each member of our editorial board brings their own strengths and backgrounds to the group, but all of us have a deep passion for the same thing: creativity.

Check out the powerpoint to see some of the students you'll be working alongside all throughout the year:
  • Angelica Mansfield - Senior Managing Editor
  • Ryan Saladino - Junior Managing Editor
  • Ivan "Blue" Perez - Lead Copyeditor
  • Chantal Anicoche - Creative Nonfiction Editor
  • Joey Odenwald - Art Editor
  • Julianna Bumgardner - Social Media Coordinator
Please feel free to reach out to our staff members with questions about Bartleby!

(Click on 'Visit Website' or 'Download Presentation' to see the presentation)
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