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Bartleby GBM Today!

Selections meethings coming soon!

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for your submissions to our journal! We are beginning the selection process and are reviewing each piece over the next month. If you still would like to help out with the selection process, feel free to send me an email at sivenl317@umbc.edu to let me know.

We will also be having a general body meeting today at noon on Webex https://umbc.webex.com/meet/josepho1 specifically discussing when selection groups will meet later in December. If you would like to attend, let us know when you can meet! Another myUMBC post will be sent out soon with dates and times for when each section will be meeting to discuss and vote on pieces to put in Bartleby.

We hope to see you all at our meeting today or at our upcoming selection meetings. If not, good luck with finals, enjoy your break, and stay tuned for our journal releases in the Spring!

Siven Odenwald (they/them/theirs)
Bartleby Senior Managing Editor

Posted: December 6, 2021, 8:27 AM