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The Bartleby Staff

Get to know our editorial staff!

Welcome to Bartleby!

Each member of our editorial board brings their own strengths and backgrounds to the group, but all of us have a deep passion for the same thing: creativity.

Check out the powerpoint to see some of the students you'll be working alongside all throughout the year:
  • Angelica Mansfield - Senior Managing Editor
  • Ryan Saladino - Junior Managing Editor
  • Ivan "Blue" Perez - Lead Copyeditor
  • Chantal Anicoche - Creative Nonfiction Editor
  • Joey Odenwald - Art Editor
  • Julianna Bumgardner - Social Media Coordinator
Please feel free to reach out to our staff members with questions about Bartleby!

(Click on 'Visit Website' or 'Download Presentation' to see the presentation)

Posted: September 8, 2020, 1:11 AM