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Bartleby Creative Arts Journal Updates

A lot's been happening behind the scenes at Bartleby!

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone's semesters have been going smoothly. We've been doing a lot of work over these past few moments and want to share some updates with all of you:

The 2021 edition of Bartleby is launching soon!
Thank you everyone for your patience with us, but the 2021 Bartleby is finalized and ready to go to the printer! We are expecting to receive the physical journals after spring break, sometime in mid-April likely, and we will distribute them on campus for anyone interested! This has been a long time coming and we're happy to finally get them out to you all. All authors and artists who have work in the journal will get an email when we start giving the journals out, so stay tuned for that!

Our selections for the 2022 edition of Bartleby are finished!
Thanks for everyone's submissions this year for Bartleby. Our section staffs have decided what pieces we would like in this journal and we will be sending congratulatory emails later this week to all the authors and artists whose work was selected for this year's edition. Keep an eye on your emails!

Copy-edits for the 2022 edition start soon!
We are going to be reviewing all pieces for edits over spring break. If anyone wants to help review the selected pieces for any edits, please email bartleby@umbc.edu before this Friday, March 18th! We need all the help we can get, so let us know if you're interest in helping out. Once the edits are done, we'll email authors again to approve the changes.

Thanks everyone! Stay tuned for more updates!

Siven Odenwald
Senior Managing Editor

Posted: March 14, 2022, 7:07 PM